The Dangers Of School Dress Codes

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How would you feel if your student were sent home due to a dress code violation? On an outfit that you thought was acceptable? Would you complain to the school board, or tell your child that they cannot wear that anymore? Many parents have controversial feelings towards dress codes and when their child becomes victim to violating it they are often not pleased. Multiple students cannot drive; so when they disregard the school 's dress code, their parents have to pause whatever they are doing to come and pick them up, or bring them new clothes that are suited for the requirements. Parents are often awaken by a call from the school telling them to come in. They may have to leave while in the middle of grocery shopping, or in most cases they have …show more content…
Also, these clothes are usually not the most fashionable pieces of clothing, so students prefer to go home and get their own clothes or have someone bring them clothes from home. Students, both boys and girls, frequently do not correctly follow the school dress code. Without enforcing the dress code stricter, or getting uniforms, kids will continue to miss class, create problems with the faculty, and distract others.
The most controversial problem with students not correctly following the school dress code is that they end up missing a large amount of valuable class time. When a classroom teacher believes a student is not dressed appropriately to the dress code, they will instruct them to go to the office and fix the complication. Whether it is asking someone to bring them clothes, or wearing the clothes the school provides, that student is missing classroom time that they can not get back. One principal even went to the extent of driving a girl to her house to have her change her clothes, because she had on a mini skirt and exposed a small amount of midriff (Boutelle, 2008, para. 1). One solution that could help reduce students missing out on class time is to
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As proclaimed by Laura Tompkins, principal of Zanesville High School, the reason dress code is so important is because “we want the attention of the students to be on education and not on what the other students are wearing. Clothing or lack thereof can be distracting to other students.” One solution that can minimize distracting students in the classroom is a stricter enforcement of the dress code. If a student is wearing shorts that are too short, a skirt that is too tight, pants that are too low, a shirt that is too small etc. it may be distracting to the others around them. Therefore, this takes that students mind off of what they are supposed to be doing, and they are no longer focused. According to the Zanesville City Schools Student Handbook, research shows that academic achievement at schools who require uniforms have gone up as much as thirty percent every year. If the dress code was a zero tolerance policy, there would be no chance of anyone being dressed inappropriately in class, and therefore there would be less distractions. Although, the second solution that can prevent sidetracking students in the classroom are uniforms. If every student was essentially wearing the same thing, there would be nothing for others to be distracted by. Students clothing would be routine, and

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