Essay about The Dangers Of Cell Phones And Driving

1148 Words Oct 29th, 2014 5 Pages
There should be laws regarding cell phones and driving. However, there should be a little to no laws regarding hands-free devices. Cell phones and driving is one of the most dangerous things, cell phones while driving puts you and others in danger. A text and or phone call is not worth it, it can wait. Cell phones and driving is so common in our society. This paper will address the dangers of cell phones and driving, and the distraction it causes. Think twice before calling someone, and or texting someone while driving. Cell phones while driving can put you and others in danger. Cell phones are leading cause of crashes. Using cell phones while driving increases the risk of crashes four hold. Using hand-held devices and hands-free phones are equally dangerous. The risk of crashing while texting is 8 to 16 times higher than usual. The use of any electronic devices is common among college students in California (College Kids Often Use Cell Phones While Driving). Crashing with cell phones happens more than you think. Fines can add up quickly with using hands-free cell phones, you wouldn’t want to do it after you hear these numbers. Fines with using hands-free devices can add up quickly. The first time being caught violators will receive only a verbal warning for the first 30 days of the ban. For second time offenders it is a $250 fine or you are required to complete a driving course. If you get caught again using hands-held devices the fine adds up to $500 (Miami Bans Use…

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