Essay about The Country - Original Writing

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Nobody really likes to move out of the country. At least I don 't. My parents were born in Mexico. They migrated to the united states. They moved to Stanford California. California was a really nice place to live in. Most of the times it was really sunny. The sun was so bright that people had to wear sun glasses. I was born a year after my parents got there. My parents and I had to go back to mexico. My grandma was really sick. The doctors said that she was really sick. I had no clue what was going on. I was three years old. I didn 't really knew anything that was going on.
My dad started working in mexico. I started school there. The school was really fun it was really colorful. the school had bright colors that almost hurt my eyes. It had Disney character drawn in the walls. For example it had cinderella, peter pan, and many more. I made a lot of really nice friends. The teachers were really fun. It felt like i was in the prefect school. Nice teachers, Friends, and toys. what else could a kid ask for. The school’s in mexico are not really big. So the classrooms were of ten to twelve kids per class. One of my favorite classes was music. it was really cheerful for me, and fun to play some instruments.
Once i grew up i got to learn more about life. Economy was a really big struggle in Mexico. My family didn’t really have a lot of money. My dad had to work most of the day on the fields. After so much hard work my dad did, he didn 't see results of getting more money. So my…

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