The Cook County Hospital ( Cch ) Essay

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In this case study on the Cook County Hospital (CCH) the problems that this organization faced will be discussed. Furthermore, the case study explores in detail leadership, business ethics, strategic management, accountability, stewardship, whistleblowing, organizational change and performance architecture. The case will also mention the necessary steps taken to restore the organizational proprietary within the market. Moreover, the organization will determine/evaluate its culture and environment. Also, CCH plans to assessment all issues by using an ethical approach.

The county hospital was built in the late 1860’s. According to (Lulay, 2014)” Once known as the nation’s largest public hospital doctors at Cook Count Hospital Pioneered AIDS research diagnosed sickle cell anemia and made medical strides in lab testing, blood banks, and trauma care.” The CCH stretched over 160 acres. The hospital started out as a center for medical education. However, in the early 1900’s the hospital experience overcrowding and serious deterioration. Due to this course of action, CCH has been labeled the hospital for underprivileged. In addition, not long after CCH will suffer from corrupt political appointees that made bad decisions for the organization. Despite the corruption within the organization, CCH managed to bridge over into modern medicine. CCH started to fully function like a hospital in the early 1900’s. At this time, new medical innovations quickly earned…

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