Dr. Anna Pou Case Summary

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The medical ethics case on Dr. Anna Pou questions the ethics itself in several forms and different issues. The issue is that the medical departments, nationally or locally, should always provide care for patients no matter the type of emergency or disaster. It doesn’t matter the amount of laws and regulations they pass or provide to help medical institutions work easily and efficiently, which should help provide patients with medical care they rightfully deserve and need. In order to be able to successfully allow such difficult decisions to be made and acted upon such circumstances, such as the one occurred in Medical Memorial Hospital in New Orleans, they need to create clear and conscious laws that is workable and lawfully and medically ethical that the head and the staff of the medical institute can follow easily to avoid such situation in the future. As Dr. Pou has been trying to pass laws to help …show more content…
There should always be changes in the laws defining a profession to help them guide with the technology and people, but there are hidden loopholes people find to avoid such laws. The good thing about refining the laws is that it would help point out problems with it as well as help create better working state for professionals. The bad thing about laws is that they are not compartmentalized to help them control the outcomes that would occur preceding the passing of specific laws. On the issue of medical ethics, there will be different situation where doctors would have to take certain steps, would be called immoral under the medical ethics laws, to control a situation to help minimize the damage as well as trying to help patients in any way or form possible. The exact situation occurred in the tragic disaster of Medical Memorial Hospital in New

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