What Are Genetically Modified Organisms Affect The Human Body?

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GMOs are in almost everything we put into our bodies. Genetically Modified Organisms are put into the simplest of foods, like fruits, vegetables, meats, and even candy. According to Bill Freese at the Center for Food Safety “GMOs are present in 60 to 70 percent of foods on supermarket shelves; the vast majority of processed foods contain GMOs.” Genetically modified organisms were put into food to improve taste, quantity, and to save money. But what people do not know, is that GMOs act as toxins in the body. Once ingested they do harm internally to the human body. GMO 's are taking over the food industry. New Zealand has come up with a solution to this. They created a law stating, food from other countries may not be brought into New Zealand because of …show more content…
There are abounding reasons why GMOs can be a positive solution. GMOs can improve the resistance to crops generating a healthier crop. This can save money for the farmer by not having to throw away contaminated and infected crops. They can also eliminate seeds and produce a prolonged shelf life, which allows for safe transportation to people in countries without access to nutrition rich foods. Another positive thing about GMOs, companies can supply more necessary nutrients. According to Battelle, The Business of Innovation, “The Golden Rice Project seeks to bring vitamin-A enriched rice to market to help prevent nearly 500,000 cases of childhood blindness and 2 million deaths caused by vitamin-A deficiency in third world countries each year.” Battelle is explaining, with the presence of genetically modified organisms, adding vitamin-A to foods can help countries by cheaper foods but still containing vitamin-A. Which means they can help fight worldwide malnutrition. They can put more vitamins and minerals in food lacking them. This can help people save money by buying cheaper foods but still consuming the same nutrients, as healthier and costly

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