Gmos Negatively Affect People's Lives

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The Tomato That Kills: GMOs Negatively Affect People's Lives
Genetically modified organisms are present in 60 to 70 percent of foods on US supermarket shelves (Cadwell). In 1982 the FDA approves the first GMO. Then in 1994 GMOs are put on the grocery store shelves. The first food that was approved with GMOs in them were the Flavr Savr tomatoes (Shireen). Since GMOs were made, many controversies about the health risks associated with the foods have occurred. The death of Juan Pedro Ramos proves that GMOs are bad for humans.
Most products that contain GMOs are not even labeled which causes unknown genes to be put into foods. Not labeling food can cause major problems, especially for people with allergies. When GMOs are made they contain many
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When a person consumes these genetically modified foods, the gene that is in the food is transferred into their body. The more genetically modified food a person eats the more antibiotic resistance there body contains. The resistance to antibiotics causes many complications. The person that has this resistance would not be able to use simple medicine to fight off a cold. This also affects people that need medication on a daily basis. The resistance to antibiotics causes doctors to prescribe a high dosage of medications for people. Doctors do this because the normal dosage would not even help a person that has eaten GMOs their whole life. If GMOs stay on the market, soon common medicines that are prescribed by doctors will not even work. This will cause people to die at a drastic …show more content…
Juan Pedro Ramos was a healthy 31-year old that lived in Spain. He was allergic to many things including fish. Ramos was eating his lunch one day at his work and after his break, he had noticed he was getting an itchy rash. Soon his throat began to swell and his blood pressure dropped drastically. Ramos knew that something was wrong and he injected himself with epinephrine. He was then rushed to the Carlos III hospital because the epi-pen did not help his condition.The hospital tried to save Juan life but the doctors could not find the reason for his reaction. Juan Pedro Ramos died later that same

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