The Concept Of Quality Improvement In Health Care Organizations

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The health care organizations focus on quality improvements and meeting the patient’s expectations. Defining quality improvement with the nurses, providers, patients, and regulatory agencies, and observing the concepts of Quality Improvement along with the viewpoints of the patients, shareholders, and the clinician. Use helpful tools and resources to set up plans and strategies that affect the quality improvement of the organization, and provide a better services for patients.
The primary purpose of quality management is to beat the competition because the health of the clients or patient depends on the quality of services provided. It does this by improving the services, products, and enhance safety to achieve maximum customer satisfaction
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The shareholders include the physicians, nurses, patients, payers, and even employees. The shareholders feedback needs to be analyzed and evaluated, and explanation for why the rejection of their ideas (National Academies Press, 2010). The patients define the quality of care based on the rate of errors, safety, and the satisfaction. Patients help in improving the quality the care they receive. The employees define the quality by the level of care that they can provide. The nurses can affect the organization needs to improve quality for maximum patient satisfaction. The clinicians want the correct diagnosis, find better treatments for patients. The payers consider the finances as they identify if treatments and the volume of care and costs to the company (Hughes, 2008).
The doctors in hospitals must report directly any quality issues, or any error could happen to their supervisor. Contact with administrators to set up policies and plans to improve the quality of care. Doctors must recommend quality improvements to the supervisor. They must stay involved during the assessment process, fulfill the changes. Track the changes and identify if the outcomes were as expected. Everyone must take responsibility for quality improvement because the patients expect the highest level
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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) represents the accrediting agencies for the hospitals. Today, AHRQ maintains some sets of quality improvement includes, the Inpatient Quality Indicators, which reflect the quality of care provided in hospitals. Also the Patient Safety Indicators, which reflect potentially avoidable complications or other adverse events during hospital care. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 's (AHRQ) evaluates the quality of health care provided to the patient. Creates suggestion to make health care safer, improve quality, more accessible, and reasonable. Work within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and with other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used (AHRQ,

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