The Christian Union Essay examples

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I think possibly, you have this coming to you, my dad said when he went to school it was Christian based education, and everyone in his class was Christian. In my class I’m the only Christian. There is 6 Muslim girls, 4 Hindu’s, 8 Sikh 's, I could join the atheistic society, Drama society, Music society, Sikh, Hindu or Muslim society, however I can’t join a Christian union as the teacher said their isn’t a call for one, I’m calling. I think they call it positive discrimination, however all is not lost I have joined the atheistic society, I figure I will make that the Christian union, Atheistic Alice is furious with me, she runs it (at the moment lol), one by one the atheistic members are starting to ask the questions they should have been asking before they joined, atheistic Alice try’s to trap me, however my time on threads has taught me how to handle her lol, every question she asks, two comes back to her. She has arranged for someone from the atheistic society to talk from out local university, that’s a good thing as it means she can’t handle me, I will make sure I have the questions that show the assumptions and errors of atheism when he comes. It could be a mistake to bring him in, as the students will expect him to demolish me; if he doesn’t then she has a real problem on her hands. the headmistress may forbid me from attending though as atheistic Alice may tell her I’m only there to cause trouble, and if she asks me I will have to admit I am going to make it very…

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