The Child Who I Observed Essay

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The child who I observed was Trenton. His birthday is November 24th, 2010. Overall Trenton did very well and scored above the cutoff in four categories: communication, fine motor, problem solving, and personal social. The only category he was not above the cutoff in is gross motor and he was barely below the cutoff. The cutoff score for gross motor was 31.28 and Trenton scored a 30.00. His numerical score, only counting the activities that had the answer yes , was a two out of six. While observing him, he was clumsy and a little uncoordinated. He had difficulty catching a ball and hopping on one foot. His scores for communication, problem solving, and personal social were all the same at five out of six. He had a difficult time repeating sentences back, buttoning buttons, and finishing sentences that were opposites. Lastly for fine motor he scored a four out of six. For fine motor the only things he had a problem with was cutting in a straight line and tracing a straight line. While I was recording the information on the survey with Ladonna Ohanesian, Trenton’s legal guardian, I conducting an interview with her about her goals her Trenton, what she does when she notices delays in his development, and how well she knows the ages and stages of development. When asked, “What goals do you have for your child?” she responded with, “Improving his social skills, keeping him focused on tasks, and improving his reading skills and coping skills.” Then I continued by asking her, “Who…

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