The Chicago Teachers Union ( Ctu ) Strike Essay

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Background: The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Strike in 2012 affected every single Chicago Public School and their Students in 2012 ( which is around or more than 600 schools and over 350,000 Students). CTU started negotiating their contract with CPS in November of 2011, but their demands were not met, so they began to organize a strike for the first time in Chicago in 25 years. The Strike began on September 19, 2012 and was lead by Karen Lewis, who was not only a CPS teacher, but also President of the CTU. The purpose of the strike was because of many issues, including: closings of Chicago Public Schools, overcrowded classrooms, no air conditioning and or heat in schools during extremely hot and or cold weather, teacher’s unfair salaries and their raises were revoked, etc. The only problem was that CTU can only strike against wages and benefits, this means that all the other reasons They have for striking they cannot strike for those specific reasons. CTU started striking and all Chicago Public School Teachers marched all throughout the City for a week until their demands were met. The CTU and CPS negotiated and concluded a new and “fair” contract for all Teachers that would last until the Summer of 2015, where a new contract would have to be negotiated (What 's behind the Chicago Teachers ' Strike?).

Causes: There were many problems that led up to the strike. However, one of the main problems was the lack of pay during the time that the teachers were…

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