Patient Communication Skills

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The medical students should be able to deal with patients in specific features to encourage patients to communicate and obtaining a precise information. Communication skills break down barriers, so they provide good understanding of vital signs that would reflect the problem leading to accurate diagnosis. Traits are vary between communities according to races, society's cultures, religions and the level of passion to practice the medical career.
The basic rule in all medical practitioner is health promotion and disease prevention but the implementation of this principle is differ according to understanding of traits and how to improve it?
In this research, I will talk about some traits that would be very important for the medical students.
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According to Michelle O’Daniel, Alan H. Rosenstein in their study of Professional Communication and Team Collaboration, they define the collaboration in medical environment as "Collaboration in health care is defined as health care professionals assuming complementary roles and cooperatively working together, sharing responsibility for problem-solving and making decisions to formulate and carryout plans for patient care".
Doctors, medical student, nurse, lab worker, blood bank, infection control specialist and pharmacist join in to perform a successful team. So that they help to put mile stone of creating a strong medical service system for communities and raising the performance level resulting in an appropriate environment that would considered the vital key for working.
Loss of communication may result in serious consequences as Michelle O’Daniel, Alan H. Rosenstein said "Lack of communication creates situations where medical errors can occur. These errors have the potential to cause severe injury or unexpected patient death. Medical errors, especially those caused by a failure to
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The optimistic physician can explains crises in well explanation, so he can reflect it in the patients' thoughts. Smiling is very simple habit that reflects our mood, and the best indicator for the level of interest in medical career. It is the first step in building a strong medical relationship that reduces the effort, suffering, which will end up with a positive therapeutic. Especially when dealing with children, it reduces the stress and fearing so that doctor can work perfectly. Also it's a pillar of teamwork among medical staff members.
Application of transtheoretical model The participation in teamwork is very important in medical work, to increase the performance efficiency and reduce the risks of medical errors. My classmate hasn’t this trait ,because he likes to be disobliging, sarcastic of other opinions and does not care about the group interest . So we face problems when we work together with him in PBL, TBL & seminar.
According to transtheoretical model (Prochaska & DiClemate, 1983; Prochaska, DiClemente & norcross, 1992) I hope to help him to be an active member.
1- Pre-contemplation stage

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