Walden University Program Analysis

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An overview on Walden University program in regards to program outcomes is for their students to “graduate with knowledge, skills and ability” (Walden University, 2009). Walden promote social change and they produce graduates that are capable of facilitating a positive change within society. The capability of utilizing their knowledge to demonstrate a positive impact within their profession and society (Walden University, 2009). Demonstrate effective competency in regards of ethical integrity and legal. Walden also want their graduates to “effectively communicate their ideas and rationale behind them to others, and support diversity and multiculturalism within their profession, communities and society. It’s important to always assess knowledge as a lifelong commitment and exhibit information literacy (Walden University, 2009).
In regards to clinical psychology program goals and learning goals , Walden has created five program goals.
1. Walden University’s Clinical Psychology graduate will acquire knowledge in the foundations of psychology and will develop identities as clinical psychologist.
2. Walden University Clinical Psychology graduates apply knowledge and demonstrate skills in the scientific, methodological, and theoretical foundations of psychology from a scholar- practitioner perspective.
3. Walden University’s Clinical
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Even though I agree with Walden’s clinical psychology program of study, I do believe I would go beyond the “call of duty” and make it my job to gain more information about the legal and ethical route. I also will continue to educate myself about past courses after completing them to make sure I retain the information that I read, or completed assignments on. I do believe this is an effective way of retaining information due a competency assessment is not at the end of this

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