The Challenges Of The Benq Company And Siemens Company

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Any the company can faces many the risk when the collaboration with other company and they face many the challenge. Also, most of the company has different culture and the way when doing job. In addition, when the company its different employees from the different country, which they can create problem and challenge for the company. Many challenge that produce from multicultural collaboration. The first challenge is direct versus indirect communication. The communication in western cultures is direct and open, but in some country the communication is indirect and closed. Also, sometime the communication can create the barrier when employees work in the group because for many reasons. The first reason, when the people speak …show more content…
The first reason, both companies are from different culture and they language are different. Also, BenQ Company is less future oriented and it’s more work together with all the employees. Also, BenQ employees are very comfortable with structure hierarchical level because they work as one team. On the other hand, the Siemens company culture is focused in the person’s independence and the person’s right. Also, the Siemens employees are works alone and they don’t have good connection with other employees. Also, both companies are different in the language because this two company from different country. Some the BenQ employees don’t can speak the Germany language, so that create many problems when they work together. The second reason, the BenQ employees can work in holiday, but the Siemens employees are not work in the holiday. The third reason, the BenQ Company is informal and not focuses for structure, but the Siemens Company is formal and more structure. The fourth reason, both companies are working in different time. The BenQ Company is much pressured about working time, but Siemens Company is making more time for marketing. All this challenges effect for both company and the collaboration become unsuccessful. The BenQ and Siemens Company can avoid this challenge by many ways. The first way, the BenQ employees should learn the Germany language by given training that easy to communication with Siemens Company. The second way, try working together as one team, which can achieve the goal on time. The last way, both companies must understand the culture of each of them because the culture is the most important reason for successful the collaboration. This way helps both companies to become successful in the market. W.Seeger, M.

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