Temporary Foreign Workers Program

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To fully understand the scope of the effects of the reforms on the Temporary foreign workers program, it is important to understand the program itself. The Temporary Foreign Workers program was established so as to facilitate the hiring of foreign workers on a temporary basis to jobs in Canada. It was meant to provide a platform for the hiring of foreign workers into the Canadian labor force to cover for the unavailability of Canadian and permanent residents. The program was an avenue for the employers in Canada to employ foreigners on a temporary basis to cover the shortfall of skill and labor demands in businesses across the country. However, the program has been abused by some employers who chose to employ foreign workers to job position …show more content…
The major benefit that businesses derive from the temporary foreign worker program is the employment of persons with a unique set of skills that are at that particular time not available among Canadian citizens. This in effect leads to the bringing in of persons who possess skills that further lead to the diversification of the country’s labor force. The hiring of foreign workers in the country enhances competiveness both internally as well as externally. People from different cultural backgrounds have different work ethics as well as attitude towards work. (Bauder & Cameron 2002). The different attitudes and perspectives towards work by different people is one of the major influencers for employees to hire foreign workers. According to (Bauder 2004), a study conducted in Vancouver found that labor market managers believe that foreign workers from South Asia have different motivations towards work. In line with this, four general perspectives were identified through which different people perceive work. The perspectives in turn influenced the individual’s motivation towards work. Employers then used these motivations to entice foreigners who provide the needed labor skills in exchange for …show more content…
The new ways of thinking introduced by the foreigners may be more effective thus leading to the improvement of the organizations efficiency. The hiring of foreigners can also lead to increased networking of the organization on the global platform. It is possible that persons who are hired by business organizations bring with them foreign contact through whom the business organization can network with to increase its connections. The foreign employees are also likely to bring with them information about other different cultures which would further enable the business organization establish itself on a global scale. It

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