Single Parent Home Essay

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Today thirty-four percent of kids around the world live with a single parent. Everyday adults that are not ready to be parents are having kids. They say that kids that come from a single parent family are more likely to get in trouble. You question yourself about why this maybe true. Is it because they have no father figure? Or because they haven’t experienced a safe environment at home? Or maybe because they go through more challenges in life and at home?Although these questions can be asked, adolescent children with only one parent are also some of the brightest kids. Their experience has put them through more obstacles that can make them better humans in the long run. A child coming from a single parent home can be just as advanced with …show more content…
These skills are developed over a period of time. When obstacles are faced and conquered, emotional skills get stronger. People claim that children with only one parent are not as emotionally developed as those with two parents. They will argue that these kids come from a home that is not emotionally stable, and the outcome of this causes the kids to not develop social skills like others. While that may be true for some, I believe that they are just as developed as any other child. Kids coming from a single parent household go through more challenges and bumps in the road than any other child. They have to overcome the challenge of only having one parent figure, not always having the advantages as other kids, and many other obstacles.. I believe that these obstacles make a child have good emotional skills, if not better, than a child coming from a two parent household. They are able to see a bigger picture of the big scary world. They can take on more challenges and are able to achieve them. Emotional skills develop through things that happen to a person, and being that a child with only one parent goes through so many obstacles, they are able to develop these skills very

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