Essay On Divorced Parents

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Has anyone ever imagined what it is like to be in between parents when arguing? Today over forty five percent of parents are divorced. Divorces are known to be one of the most stressful thing to go through in a life. Divorced parents may cause many issues in a child 's life by the splitting of a home, differents co parenting and living arrangements. This is many reasons why a child is depressed from living in split homes.

Always getting along with a spouse can be a very rare thing. In fact, fighting in a relationship may be healthy. It can help fix many problems and get solutions, But when fighting and arguing a lot in front of children it can cause many emotional problems too. Seeing fights can cause children to have low self esteem
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Children are the main reason why parents do not want to get a divorce or to be divorced. Parents do not want to see a child be hurt and upset because its parents are not together. Parents also do not want a split household for children or to carry the guilt of having a divorce. After getting a divorce parents start to lack on having parenting skills. Parents will start to worry more of themselves than of a child. Parents will end up feeling lonely and want to have a partnership with a different person. This means the parent will start to focus on bettering her or himself rather than worry about a child and the needs the child has to meet. The problem with this is children learn and live by what they see. Seeing a parent who doesn 't give out attention can be a major problem. This may cause a child to be depressed.

Depression is a feeling a lot of children and adults feel or have felt. Depression in a divorce is very common to go through. When a child has depression, he or she may not know it or will not talk about it to anyone because they don 't know about depression or to scared to say something about feeling that kind of way. Depression is also very common for children to be affected by it. Seventy five percent of children who come from divorced parents or who are now living with one parent are

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