The Causes, Effects, And Solutions For The Impaired Familial Relationships Among Police Officers

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Police Officers have one of the most stressful and demanding jobs out there. Everyday while they are out on the field they are constantly faced with dangers that the average citizen may never face. Police Officers are expected to not let their emotions get to them and be a figure of authority. This can carry over into their home life, since about 50 percent of officers have gotten divorces and many cases of domestic violence are caused by officers. There are many causes on why this happens. The causes of this are constant stress and the trauma that officers face usually lead up to symptoms of PTSD. This stress and PTSD effects their home life by lack of communication and expression of emotions, it is also physically hurting their bodies. The only ways to solve this problem is by getting therapy to officers and also implementing a system in the police department to encourage getting help. In this essay, I will write about the causes, effects, and solutions to the impaired familial relationships among police officers.
Literature Review
Everyday officers are hyper vigilant of their surrounds and the people they talk to. They are constantly assessing danger levels always mentally preparing themselves for the worse. If they don’t prepare themselves that is the worse happens they can possible get injured or even killed. This constant heighten awareness causes a great amount of stress of the mind and the body. It also often bleeds into their homelike. Some…

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