Essay on The Big Five Personality Traits

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The Big Five Personality Traits
Kelly Wilson
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Organizational Behavior
MGT 320-D2A5
Teresa Pavone
November 06, 2015

The Big Five Personality Traits
Personality traits reflect people’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Motivation is a factor that is highly dependent upon personality and because of this, managers must be able to recognize and respond to the different traits. Personality has been studied extensively throughout the years and researchers have found five distinct personality traits that are most relevant to organization; agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion and openness. Because of the way personality influences a person’s performance, these are
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11). The opposite of extraversion is introversion, and it is characterized by a higher degree of social discomfort. An introvert performs better working alone or in small groups (Pappas, 2013, para. 12). An extravert may thrive in a role that requires them to work closely with vendors outside the organization. An introvert will perform better in a role that keeps them within their comfort zone and focused on their tasks.
Openness refers to a person’s capacity for learning and the ability and willingness to adapt when presented with change (Griffin & Moorhead, 2014, p. 67). A person with a high level of openness could be put in charge of implementing new initiatives for the company. This will appeal to their ability to learn and adapt.
The trait I would appreciate the most in an employee is a high level of conscientiousness. These individuals strive for success and are highly focused. The next trait is openness. The willingness to learn and keep an open mind is crucial in today’s business environment, which seems to be in a state of continual change. Next, an employee who is extraverted can be a rather useful tool for a company. Businesses need sociable, assertive, outgoing people to present to present the mission and vision to those both in the company as well as outside of it. The value of an introvert is not to be overlooked. Just because a person performs better alone does not mean the work they contribute is any less valuable. I place

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