The Benefits Of Same Sex Marriage In The United States

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Gay marriage is no longer a new phenomena around the nation. Same sex marriages have existed in some way or another around 600 years ago. According to Tulchin (2007) gay activists have been fighting and striving since the early 1960’s to be granted the right to marry. However, only in 1990s the issue of same sex marriages arose when three same sex couples filed for a lawsuit against the Hawaii state for prohibiting gay marriages in US. According to Bower (2010), the case was concluded by saying that banning same sex marriage is not constitutional due to insufficient evidence of real practice and arguments on this issue. This scenario triggered the nation’s attention over the next decade and led to the creation as well as the approval of …show more content…
Firstly, it encourages people to create commitments to one another, which provide them with stability as well as support, and the support provided by partners to each other will encourage them to have independent and productive lives. It will make their bond stronger and it will also help in decreasing the divorce rate because same sex marriage would mean that lesser people would be getting divorced due to incompatibility or infertility because issues like having one’s own child and being compatible with each other is really important in a marital relationship and due to such issues many people get divorced. More over, it will decrease and diminish suicidal rates among youth groups because there have been many incidents where teenagers committed suicide because of being bullied at school and other places due to their sexual orientation. They often feel neglected and out of place and if there are laws for its growth then it would help teenagers get over this feeling of being discriminated on the basis of their likeness for same sex. Also, it will increase the rate of children adoption, eg: by legalising gay marriage the adoption agencies will have to grant equal respect and equal rights to gay couples. This will also increase the opportunity for many foster children to have loving families and parents. Finally, homosexuals are humans as well and they should be treated just like any other normal opposite gender

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