The Effects Of Gay Marriage Effect On Society

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Gay Marriage Effect on Society When individuals think about marriage they envision a life with a partner who they love deeply through the good and bad times. This partner is someone who they share there deepest and darkest secrets with without being ashamed of the situation. With that being said, many Americans believe the partner that a person should share all of those beautiful moments with should be of a different gender. Gay marriage is a polarizing issue that has torn families’ apart, ended friendships, and cost individuals there life. The United States of America is a society that is driven on tradition and values that were passed down from generations. However, individuals who are gay want the same rights as any heterosexual human being on the earth. As a result, gay marriage correlates with the aspect of equality, religion, and finance. This topic is one of the most important issues that are standing in front of America today. One of the biggest debate with …show more content…
When someone is married they have the privilege of placing their love ones on their insurance. This is a huge problem due to the fact that they cannot place the person who has been there for them at every turn on their insurance; meanwhile, heterosexual individuals are able to marry someone who they do not know for a couple of dollars. Therefore, individuals are trying to spread the word about different states that have the ban on gay marriage as well legalized gay marriage. Secondly, if someone that is homosexual wants to put their partner on their taxes they cannot. All of this makes homosexuals angry because plenty in America get married because it makes sense financially. The Human Rights Campaign gives a description of the states that help promote gay marriage as well as the states that are difficult on gay individuals. However homosexuals feel like their backs are pressed against the wall, but they should not think that

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