Cultural Changes In America Essay

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Changes in American Society Today, many people underestimate the value of marriage and family in America. The 21st century has seen a drastic change with new confused adding culture, language, norms, religion, persona views, experiences, different race marriage, and the environment society. To many this is a great diversity in America, and to most it is interfering with the original “American Dream”. Marriage is a beautiful thing experienced by two loved ones who are willing to spend their life together, but of course there are also many factors challenging the idea of a marriage. In America, like mentioned before, the culture is different than in your own hometown or country, run on people today are marrying with different cultures, religion, and race. To the majority, this can become very difficult, expanding the American society into a new form of family. The American society is very controversial, there is racism, hate, class value, group separation, and loss of family connection. Marriage and family are changing the …show more content…
For example, interracial marriage. Thanks to the Supreme Court different races are now legally capable of being united. You might think, well why is that a problem? Between different races there is also different customs. In America the diversity of cultural is outrageous, many are used in living a certain way depending on their own race and culture. Once married, of course children come in and the child will not grow up with one but two views of different cultures. How is this changing the American Society? Well according to De Jesus, Anthony, he used an example about a Puerto Rican women married to a white man and their marriage was no the best. They had problems especially when it came to their children where it became affecting in school grounds. They might be one family, but it takes one wrong thing to affect the whole

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