The Benefits Of Capital Punishment Essay examples

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The Benefits of Capital Punishment

We are slowly dying every second, minute, hour, month, and year, we are dying. There are 107 deaths in one minute(13 ways at looking at the death penalty). Each minute that passes by someone is murdered. 6,000 killers get away with murder each year in America. Most serial killers suffered child abuse (56 Interesting Facts About Serial Killers). Even as children we are told to treat others how we are treated. So if one kills they only deserve to get what they have done to others. Capital punishment should be legal. One deserves what they did to others. The golden rule treats others how you want to be treated. Everyone has been taught that since they were little. It improves out prisons environment. Capital punishment has many pluses. People live by examples. We chose to do and say as others do. Then use terrible excuses like there is no other way. Or that’s the cool thing to do. Then by choosing to fallow others we make bad choices and not knowing the consequences deterrence is setting an example. You punish someone to create fear for other people. Just like the people who fallow what people do and say and then find themselves in trouble. If we create this fear and knowledge of consequences we can lower the chances of bad things happening. By creating this fear, or deterrence of the death penalty we can change choices both adults and children make. Ernest Van Den Haag states “People fear nothing more than death. Therefore, nothing will…

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