Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished

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Capital Punishments role in America plays a huge part in how America handles offenders and repeat offenders. reports that Time magazine says,” An estimated 2,000,000 people have been victims of crimes, from assault to murder. With insufficient laws to address these issues, criminals become careless and bolder. For this reason, there is a need for a death penalty.” Capital punishment, should not be abolished because, it takes committing a heinous act to receive the death penalty. Not to mention it offers closure to the families involved, along with being a deterrent to crime. Committing a heinous crime, whether premeditated or not; such a treason, terrorism, or murder, are just a few crimes that will be given the death …show more content…
“Emory University researchers, including Paul Rubin, said, “The national sorting of crime rates each execution prevented 18 deaths.” That is 18 lives saved due to capital punishment. However, there are several why reasons the death penalty could be abolished. Comparatively, the death penalty is considered an unjust act towards humanity. That “an eye for an eye” isn’t necessarily the right way to handle such heinous crimes. Whereas most of the United States feel as though life without parole would be the best option for these criminals. An article from the ACLU website states, “No one sentenced to life without parole has ever been released on parole. Prisoners sentenced to LWOP actually stay in prison until they die.” Statics show that one of the biggest reasons the death penalty should be abolished is because of the amount of money spent to execute a person. An article written in the Denver post states that “Between 1977-2002, 250 million dollars was spent to carry out the sentences of 11 prisoners executed in California.” Additionally, this is such a substantial amount of money that could have been spent on government jail programs or put towards other safety …show more content…
As statistics, have shown, it does cost an obscene amount of money to execute a person, however it can help save innocent

lives, and there isn’t a price that can be put on that. In closing, if someone has committed a heinous crime and is given the death penalty it should be required for them to see it through. As mentioned earlier, this will allow the family to have closure and potentially deter future offenders. Capital punishment very well could solve more problems than originally

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