The Death Penalty: Unfair Or Inhumane?

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The death penalty, often known as capital punishment, is the punishment of execution given to a person who has been legally convicted of a crime. It has been a highly controversial issue, and there are many American citizens who support this system, and many who do not. Some argue that the criminals who have been sentenced to death deserve to die, to pay for the harm that they have done to others. They also view execution as a deterrent for crime. However, the system has not been successful in reducing crime in our society, and I do not see how it will do so in the future. It is an unfair, and unethical system that does not fully punish the criminal. Therefore, the death penalty is a system that has proved useless and inhumane. Many American citizens support the death penalty system, nearly two thirds (Source F), but how many of those people are affected by it personally? Those in favor of execution as a punishment for criminals see the death penalty as a deterrent. They believe it is the ultimate punishment, or that it will help to deter future crime. They believe that no criminal should be let off “easy”. They should not receive a …show more content…
Overall, it is inhumane, it is classist and racist, and it doesn’t fully punish the criminal. It is also extremely expensive, and has not proven to avert crime in a society like America. The system is also hypocritical. It is ironic that in order to punish killers and prove that killing is wrong, we kill them. I think that if we are going to have a punishment that is so serious and permanent such as death, then the system should be completely fair. I believe that every story, every piece of evidence, every lead, and every possible error or mistake should be studied thoroughly. The death penalty will always be an issue no one completely agrees on, and many people share my position. I feel that the death penalty does more harm than good, and should be abolished in our

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