Essay On Why The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Should the Death Penalty be Re-introduced in the UK?

The capital punishment in the U.K. has now been abolished for just less than 50 years. It was abolished on the 9th November 1965 with the last execution being performed on the 7th April 1964 on Gwynne Evans and Peter Allen for brutally killing the unfortunate John Alan West when they tried to rob him. Since that time many people have looked back and wondered if the Government made the right decision. This is a highly controversial topic, even today and so in this project I hope to look at both sides of the argument and from different angles.

First of all I’m am going to look at the arguments for reintroducing the capital punishment. The political arguments for reintroducing the death
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“Eye for an eye” is an old saying and people need to understand that revenge isn’t always the answer but the death penalty does exactly the opposite of that. In a way the death penalty is extremely hypocritical. It is telling people not to kill by killing people who kill. This defeats the main aim of capital punishment. Generally speaking life in prison is considered a worse punishment than the death penalty and is also a much more effective deterrent as people don’t want to spend the rest of their lives in prison and would rather die. Another major cause for concern is that mentally ill people may be put to death, which would cause an outrage in and among society. Lastly the prisoner’s family will also suffer as they see their loved one put through trail with their life on the line. The death penalty also punishes the family more than the offender, as they will never see them again. Many Christians disagree with the death penalty. They believe that only God can take life and that it is not mans job to judge others. They also believe that God is a forgiving God and Christianity is based on forgiveness and compassion, capital punishment is a contrast with a teaching that emphasizes forgiveness and compassion. Capital punishment is biased against the poor and against those of different ethnicities, for example in America more black and/ or poor people face the death penalty compared to white people in proportion, taking into account the number of people from either race that could possibly face it. Also some Christians argue that in many countries the imposition of the death penalty is biased against the poor. Since Christian teaching is to support the poor, Christians should not support the death penalty. Capital punishment is inconsistent with the general Christian stand that life should always be supported. This stand is most often taught in issues

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