The Beginning Of My Life

In the very beginning of my life, my environment wasn’t perfect, but it’s an experience that made me who I am today. I wasn’t raised in a set and stone environment. When I was six months old, my mom had left my dad, taking me with her. After that, it was all a blur because of all the moving that was happening. After my mom left my dad, she became a single mother and had a job at Jcpenney… She never received child support or anything, so it was tough to have to take care of me as well. My mom didn’t make very much to support the both of us and pay bills ,so we had to live in many apartments with different roommates, with family, or friends of my moms. Also, since my mom worked so much, she put me in daycare. I didn’t get to see her very …show more content…
Middle school was a little bit tougher ,since I was bullied by one of my closest friends… But, obstacles are bound to be thrown and the only thing one can really do is learn from the experience. There is no way I would stoop so low and because of that incident, I made a more faithful friend, who I am still friends with to this day. I loved the town I lived in, I loved the people in it, and I thought I would never have to move again. But I had to. My dad was laid off and so, we moved to Dripping Springs, Tx where he got a job. I was very devastated, but overall, the neighborhood we moved to is so nice and simple. I did have a hard time at first going to the high school as a sophomore because everyone had their cliques and I felt like I belonged nowhere. I did end up finding a group of people who accepted me and as I got used to the school I started to check out what they had to offer. Being the last year of highschool, it’s stressful because it’s time to apply to colleges. My whole family has encouraged me to attend Texas A&M ,since most have graduated from there. Texas A&M has so much to offer and hearing the stories from the family members that have graduated makes me want to be apart of the Aggie world as

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