Narrative Essay About Coming To Cuban

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The booming voice called out for my little family of four to board our plane, a plane that would take us to the depths of a mysterious alien world. Or at least that’s what little six-year-old me thought when I left my home country of Cuba to come to the United States. That was a time of emotional turmoil for me, feeling the pain of leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. There was the excitement and fear of coming to a new unknown place, but there was also a feeling of dread at this vast language barrier that I was facing, and finally accepting and adapting to this new life. Coming from Cuba was a difficult experience that helped me grow and learn.
When I first left Cuba, my initial emotions were dejection and depression. It was a heartbreaking
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Dirt and grime cover every inch of Cuba. The roads are all torn up and uneven and garbage litters the streets. Here in the America everything is clean and organized. In addition to those sights, there are also amusement parks, restaurants, and malls to explore. Of course, with the feeling of excitement, there was also fear of the unknown. Over there, everyone knows each other. They are all open and friendly and you can trust almost anyone. It’s all familiar. In this country, at least where I lived, everyone is a stranger. I did not know anyone and it was awful. These mixed feelings of a new adventure on the horizon and the uncertainty of it all were hard to deal with. Yet, it was nothing compared to what I felt when I started …show more content…
That’s when I learned enough English to understand and communicate effectively with others. I started to make friends in school. I found the one friend I had forgotten was in this country. That’s when I really started to feel like this country was my home.
Leaving Cuba was the most life changing experience I have faced. It was a plethora of emotions for a little girl to have felt in such a short span of time. Back then I was too overwhelmed by it all to realize that I had relocated to the land of opportunity. I now had an infinite amount of choices about what I could do with my life. That whole experience taught me that even though change is extremely hard, it’s essential in order to grow into who we’re supposed to

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