The battle of the brands- Old Spice vs. Axe Essay

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Title: The battle of the brands: Old Spice vs. Axe. By: Neff, Jack, Advertising Age, 00018899, 11/17/2008, Vol. 79, Issue 43
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P&G, Unilever claim respective products are up and rival's are down
One of the crowning achievements of the Jim Stengel era at Procter & Gamble Co., at least according to Jim Stengel, has been the rebound of Old Spice in the battle for hearts and minds of men.
P&G's former global marketing officer was so impressed with the old-school brand's success that he made Old Spiceimagery a cornerstone of his valedictory address to the Association of National Advertisers last month, starring in a mock commercial for a mock body wash-Old Spice "Rock Star." And, in an address a
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Stengel described it as "helping guys navigate the seas of manhood" by offering experience.
A manifesto from Old Spice's brand team goes: "I didn't have an older brother to steer me down the aisle to the Old Spiceshelf. Needless to say, I spent my formative years watching a lot of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' on Friday nights. Now I have the chance to be that older brother I never had. I want to help the kids of today become the men of tomorrow. I want to sell them some Old Spice."
In practical terms, that's involved a lot of funny ads from Wieden offering campy voices of experience from the likes of B-movie actor Bruce Campbell, Will Farrell's basketball maven Jackie Moon, and most recently a centaur whose animal magnetism has blazed a new trail for prime-time bestiality innuendo.
As a result, Old Spice is no longer declining. Sort of.
The publicly available numbers don't quite make a forceful case for an actual rebound. They do show Axe slowing across most of its business, which had been until the past year or so one of the biggest marketing success stories of package goods, or anything, of the decade.
Essentially, Information Resources Inc. data for the 52 weeks ended Oct. 5 show Axe - and Old Spice - both losing slight share in deodorants while Axe had gained 0.65 points of share in body wash, compared with a 0.18 point decline for

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