Essay on The Attack Of Islamic Terrorism

784 Words Jun 15th, 2016 4 Pages
After the bloodiest mass shooting in American history, a dubious record that seems to be surpassed yearly, the shock value has been extinguished. Americans have been anesthetized given the frequency and brutality of such horrific occurrences. The latest attack in an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub left 49 dead including the gunman, an avowed ISIS disciple. This latest act of Islamic terrorism is another firefight in Islam’s war against Western Civilization. Homeland Security expert Robert Jasinski told me, the attacks have been increasing as 2015 witnessed the most jihadi planned plots in the U.S. since 9/11. Naturally, the liberal media was quick to politicize the horrific in order to advocate gun control, anti-Christian prejudice and homophobia. It’s the same tired script, only the venue and body count has changed. Mischa Haider, a trans-activist who writes for the online liberal rag, The Huffington Post, blamed everyone from Ted Cruz to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory writing, “I blame Ted Cruz, Pat McCrory, and every single politician in America and around the world who has promoted fear and hatred against the LGBTQ community to garner more votes.” This type of so-called online journalism is just another conventional liberal harangue in total denial. Never mind that neither Cruz nor McCrory has ever once advocated violence toward anyone because of sexual orientation or dressing preferences. Never mind that these men have never…

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