Essay on The 10 Most Influential Acts

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The 10 most influential acts in rap in no particular order.
Hip Hop is a constantly evolving genre of music; one artist can set trends that last for years. One act can influence the entire generation of artist to come. Below are the most influential acts in rap in no particular order.
10. Rakim born William Michael Griffin Jr., grew up in Wyandanch, Long Island, New York. He would later take the name Ra the name of Egyptian sun god and Kim after the Egyptian kingdom of Kim combined them to create his own Rakim. Eric B a local DJ was looking for rappers to feature on his samples and mixes and was introduced to Rakim thus creating one of the most trailblazing duos in a Hip Hop. Eric B and Rakim would go on to create the album Paid in Full and introduce a new more mellow vocal style. Rakim’s mellow delivery of masterful internal and multisyllabic rhymes made him arguably the greatest of all time. The duo would go on to release three additional albums in the following years before Rakim went solo releasing albums sparsely over the years.
9. 2 pac born Lesane Parish Crooks June 16, 1971, East Harlem, New York City, New York his name would be changed to Tupac Amaru Shakur later. 2 Pac spent his early years in Harlem, Bronx Baltimore, Maryland then Marin City, California where met Ray (Ray Luv) Tyson and DJ Dize forming the rap group Strictly Dope. Shock G of Digital Underground discovered the group and took 2 Pac on as a roadie and dancer for Digital Underground. 2 Pac would…

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