My Significant Time

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Most people can tell you the exact time and date something significant happen to them. Whether it is your sixteenth birthday and you get your first car, or it is the time you little brother was born and you got to hold him for the first time. Considering those are both good things, in reality those significant things are not always so good. People always like to enjoy reminiscing on the good things instead of the bad, but sometimes the bad overpowers the good. My significant time and date is August 2008, and it is not as astonishing as getting your first car or holding a new sibling.
What I thought was an ordinary day for a fifth grader turned into a day I will never forget when I left school that afternoon. I woke up that morning to my spirited
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From the tears rolling down her cheek, I was scared to ask what was wrong. After sitting in silence, I had to know what was so bad to upset my mother like this. “Mom, why are you like this? What is wrong?” I frighteningly asked her.
“I have cancer.” After she said that, it looked as if those three words took the life out of
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I learned she had thyroid cancer. She would not have to go through chemo treatments, but she would have to have surgery to remove her thyroid and radioactive iodine treatments, which consists of destroying anything that can not be removed by surgery. Thankfully, her cancer is in the earlier stages and they caught it in perfect timing.
With having thyroid cancer, my mother was experiencing symptoms such as sore throat, hoarse voice, and neck pain. I noticed a change in my mother throughout this time. She was exhausted and did not have much energy. I wanted to help her as much as I could. I would help do the cleaning around the house, help her with dinner, and just be there if she needed to talk. She would reassure me after her treatments, she would be back to the diligent mother I was use to. I was still scared for her, but I kept reminding myself that this situation could be a lot worse and I should be that I still have

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