Research Paper On Texting And Driving

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Get Rid of Texting While Driving It takes almost a second to send a single text message, but also takes a second to take someone’s life. Texting is a great form of communicating with a loved one, but it is also a great way of putting people at risk when behind the wheel. The use of cellphones should be illegal while operating a vehicle because it puts people in danger, it is a huge distraction for the driver of a vehicle, and statistics show that deaths are slowly increasing yearly due to this.
Texting does not only put the driver of a car in danger, it puts the passenger in danger as well. Imagine yourself in a car with a careless driver who worries more about sending a text to their friend rather than worrying about your safety! Although texting and driving is a dangerous combination, there might be an emergency that cannot wait. In these certain kinds of situations, calling would be considered the best option. This alternative is quicker and it also allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road while driving. According to a PEW survey, “Forty percent of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger.” This clearly shows that texting while driving promotes jeopardy towards the driver and everyone else inside a
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The government should pass and enforce a strict law on texting or using the phone while driving, similar to speeding and the DWI laws. In consequence of this law being passed, this will enforce that drivers follow this rule because it will affect their income if cited for this. By putting the phone down and waiting, lives can be saved. Do not be a statistic; help others who are distracted from the road, or a loved one may end up on the next public service

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