Texting, Driving, By Texting And Driving Essay

824 Words Mar 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Texting and driving has become such a big thing to do in this day and age teenager do it adults even do it to. Knowing the outcome that it can have on people around you. You see people on the highway doing all the time. No matter where you go you are bound to see at least one person who is driving texting. It is crazy to think that it is illegal to because the amount of people who are doing it is pretty ridiculous. It is like the law does not matter to people and putting other people life in danger by texting and driving is not important. The ad below put warning people not to text and drive and I knew way

In the ad below it shows a woman looking down at her phone to text someone and in front of her is a guy in a chicken suit and a person who looks like there a model walking by, which would catch about anyone eyes but the lady who is driving is too busy looking down on her phone to even know either thing is walking by. The ad writing also is very clump together which makes it really hard to read, but at the same time the person who create ad uses white writing which makes the writing stand out but because the writing so clump together it is hard for you to read.

In this ad it is trying to put warning people not to text and drive almost into a humor way. You usually see texting and driving ad that are dark and creepy, but in this ad it kind of lighting up the mood of warning people not to text and drive. By saying that she might miss a guy walking in a chicken suit if…

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