Texting And Driving : The Killer Essay

1451 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Zane Nelson
Ms. Johnson
Language Arts P5
16 May 2016
Texting and Driving: The Killer You gain consciousness, blood running down your face, and your best friend, limp, in the seat beside you. The realization hits you hard, you break down and start crying. The wail of the ambulance siren gets closer and louder on every passing second. A low hum breaks the constant wail of the siren and your sobs. You reach through the broken glass for the sound. It is your phone with a message that was sent only four minutes earlier “On our way needed to stp for somw.” All of this could have been avoided if you would have only have not picked up your phone ten minutes earlier. An average of six people die each year in Iowa due to distracted driving, texting and driving plays a major role in distracted driving. In Iowa, there should be much stricter texting and driving laws such as: bigger fines and child endangerment (if a child is present) because there are safer ways to communicate besides texting and driving and also because of all the crashes, injuries, and deaths. The law in Iowa for texting and driving is only a secondary enforcement and needs to be a primary enforcement for both teens and adults. It must have higher consequences. Current law: “Adults banned from text messaging while driving. Secondary enforcement. Fine: $30. Teenage drivers prohibited from using handheld electronic devices. Primary enforcement. Fine: $50” (Iowa: Cell phone laws, legislation). Congress has…

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