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Advice for Relationships
August 22, 2010

I would like to say I know it all, but I do not. There is so much to learn when it comes to communication. Allowing barriers like silence could affect you and the other person involved. Placating will not show the true you. So be careful and do not over exaggerate. Not responding to things that are asked of you, making excuses, so quit playing games. Be involved in situations as much as you can, but if you keep turning it down then you are just secluding your-self from it. Self-concept is very important. Build your-self up, do not allow someone else to bring you down. You need self-control. It will help you think before you speak; which will allow you to say the right things, just be
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These barriers include silence, placating, and playing games. When we are silent it may show resentment. Silence just puts up a barrier between you and the other person. It does not allow true feelings to be told when they need to come out. “One marriage therapist reports that people most commonly resort to silence when they are angry and/or hurt, when they are unable to communicate their feelings, or when they want to punish their partner (Slupesky, 2010)”. “Refusing to talk with someone is frequently a means of controlling the other person or exerting power in a relationship. If it is prolonged, it can even be a form of psychological abuse (Chang, 1996)”. If this is the case then wouldn’t be better to get it off your chest now, instead of waiting. I believe waiting to say something you do not want to tell your partner or not saying anything could affect your stress, which will ultimately hurt your health. Your thought process can get boggled, because you cannot let go of the problem. Then you have placating which can occur by being too nice. Placating can cause problems too. “Over time, placating can suffocate your identity and diminish your sense of self-worth (Hamel, 2008)”. Relationships should be based on truth. I would say if you are being overly nice just to get your way, then you may fail in your relationship. You are not allowing true feelings to show when they are

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