The Consequences Of Distracted Driving

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“Distracted driving has always been an issue with drivers, particularly young drivers, but has perhaps never had the attention it now currently receives. Almost daily, there are stories in the mass media about the destruction and death that has been caused by distracted driving” (Quisenberry, 2014, p. 303). Since texting and driving is receiving so much attention right now this is time to make sure something is done about and changes need to be made now.
My plan to solve the texting and driving problem our nation is having is by informing drivers and future drivers just how dangerous texting and driving really is also I think our texting and driving laws need to be changed so that the consequences are a little harsher than they are now. We
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For example the texting and driving law in Illinois bans the use of any handheld device while you are driving which is good thing but the way it’s enforced is what I believe the problem is “Fines for violation of Illinois cell phone law start at $75. Illinois’s cell phone and texting laws are considered “primary” laws. A primary law means that an officer can pull you over for the offense without having to witness some other violation. That is, the officer sees you texting and issues a citation. A secondary law refers to the fact that an officer can only pull you over and issue a ticket if the officer has witnessed some other violation – for example, you ran a stop light while texting” (Stim, 2014). To change the way the law is enforced I would have to find the right level of government to approach and I would probably need the support of a state or national …show more content…
It’s a bad habit and bad habits are hard to break. There are also things you can do yourself to stop yourself from texting and driving. Here are some options put your phone somewhere you can’t see it while you are driving, have your phone on silent so you can’t hear your notifications go off, there are apps that block incoming text messages while you are driving, apps that send an automatic response to let them know you are driving, be patient because that text can wait, and if it can’t wait pull over somewhere safe and respond to the text message.
You are 23 times more likely to crash if you are texting and driving verses if you weren’t this number right here should tech you that texting can wait. There are so many collisions due to this distraction. Eliminating this distraction that we have while driving can be done by stopping texting and driving you can save your life, someone else’s life, and lower accident rates. You need to be considerate of your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians. It’s also a very bad habit to have a very dangerous habit to have.
I do understand that a lot of drivers still text and drive and drivers need to understand that when their children see them texting and driving they think its ok do and when they start driving they will think its ok to text and drive too. I don’t think people understand the influence they have on drivers and future drivers. This texting

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