The Consequences Of Cell Phones While Driving

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The cell phone has singlehandedly dominated human communication in recent years. Technological advancements in cellular technology have revolutionized how we interact and communicate with one another. However, unforeseen repercussions of the overwhelming proliferation of cell phones include fatal consequences because of people using their phones while they are driving. It is now the responsibility of the tech companies that market cell phones, as well as law enforcement, government, and society as a whole to introduce legislation, technology, and deterrent measures in order to combat the exceptionally dangerous results of people using their phones while driving. It has been clearly demonstrated that distracted driving has made the roads exponentially …show more content…
The infographic goes on to show that thirteen percent of drivers aged 18-20 who were involved in car wrecks admitted to texting or talking on their mobile devices at the time of the crash. Drivers who are using their devices while behind the wheel are not only putting themselves at risk but also pose a large hazard to those who surround them. This behavior is not only limited to teens and is often learned and justified by seeing older people do it as well. Forty-eight percent of young drivers proclaimed to have seen their parents talk on a cell phone while driving. The lethal repercussions of this dangerous behavior are no secret. However, people still admit to driving while distracted by their phones. It is clear that commercials, infographics, and current laws have not been enough to educate and deter people from reaching for their phones while driving. The New York Times reports in their article on September 24, 2016, that elements of addiction may be at play while people reach for their phones. AT&T conducted research with an addiction expert who concluded that using a cell phone releases a neurochemical called dopamine that makes it nearly impossible to resist using your

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