What's Next For Stopping Texts Essay

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What’s Next for Stopping Texts With three short words, “Where u at,” Mariah West left this world. West was driving to a Little League baseball game when she took a few seconds to type out a quick text message. The words she typed would be her last when, looking at her phone, she lost control of her car, which then clipped a bridge, slid on its roof, and flipped back into oncoming traffic, killing Mariah (Copeland).
Technology has provided mankind with many benefits, such as immediate information and instant communication. However, technology also has its downfalls, one of which is providing a means for distracted driving. According to Gostin and Jacobson (2010), in 2009 alone, 5,870 people were killed and an estimated 515,000 individuals were injured in police-reported crashes involving driver distraction. Texting while driving causes serious accidents every day, and yet as a country in which this is a recurring problem, we have done little to stop the problem at its roots. The proposed solution to this deadly problem is creation of a law by the government that requires license applicants owning phones which offer text messaging services to install
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Habits are hard to break, but when a habit as harmful as texting while driving is formed, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Because texting is such a prominent aspect of American culture, it is only natural that feeling the need to be in constant communication with one’s peers carries over into driving. According to the research of Madden and Lenhart, 26% of all American teens ages 16-17 say they have texted while driving (2009). Texting while driving is such a prominent problem, it is clear we need to do all we can to help drivers break this lethal habit and learn to drive

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