Testing Pre Mortem A Study Done By Gary Klein Essay

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You lost your car keys, you’re running late to school, your last night’s homework is nowhere to be found, you skipped breakfast, and your little sibling is running around the house screaming. All these items soon cause you stress. Levitin’s main idea is to practice pre-mortem a study done by Gary Klein, which is to think ahead and try to figure out all the possible things that can go wrong and try to prevent it to help us reduce stress. I agree with Levitin to think ahead of all the possible things that may go wrong to reduce stress. My senior year in high school I had four nine weeks test on the exact same day and two projects due. I didn’t know how I was going to deal with all of it and still have a good grade. I soon became really stress, causing me to have a massive headache. Levitin states that when the brain is under stress it releases cortisol that raises your heart rate and clouds your thinking. Psychologist Gary Klein wrote about pre-mortem, and it’s simply figuring out all the possible effects that can go wrong and what you can do to prevent it. We need to pre plan and designate a specific area for things that will easily get lost. Also, in our brains we have a structure called the hippocampus and it keeps track of important material. Now I will discuss about my first evidence on how the brain performs under stress, releasing cortisol and how it clouds your thinking. When a person is under stress, the brain releases cortisol that raises our heart rate and it…

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