Process Essay: The Digestion Of Cookies

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A child came up to me today and ask me if he swallows a cookie what all happens to it. Once it enters the mouth, chemical and mechanical steps work to break the cookie into smaller pieces and remove its nutrients for use by the body. Tracing the digestion of a cookie involves a quick trip down your esophagus, a churn in the stomach and a slow, winding movement through the intestines.

The Mouth

The digestive process begins before the cookie even enters your mouth.Once you take a bite, your teeth initiate the mechanical digestion process.Your teeth smashes the cookie into smaller pieces and your tongue pushes it down your throat( esophagus), but also begins the chemical digestion process because it contains enzymes that break the cookie up into smaller softer pieces of molecules.


Your stomach is a powerful organ.Pepsin goes to work on the cookie’s fat molecules, breaking them apart into smaller pieces. The stomach also releases hydrochloric acid, a powerful acid that helps break down stomach contents and destroys
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Chyme identifies the cookie’s fat molecules, breaking them apart so they are easier for the pancreatic juice to digest. The pancreatic juice takes effect, sifting through the cookie’s nutrients and extracting the fat, protein and carbohydrate molecules. The pancreatic juice makes sure these nutrients are broken down into their simplest components. Small hair-like projections lining the walls of the intestine grab these simple molecules and push them into the bloodstream. The small amount of protein will be used to build muscles and tissues, while the carbohydrates and fats will be used to create energy. The remaining cookie components are pushed into the large

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