Tesco Performance Management And Its Objectives

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Performance management is essentially about creating a strong communication with the people around you in your working environment. It helps a manager monitor and assess how well their employees are developing and if they are reaching their goals and targets set. Through this process, a business is able to state from the correlation between good performance management and the success of the organization through their objectives.

The overall company aims for Tesco are:
- Offering customer the best value for money at the most competitive prices
- Meeting the needs of customers by constantly seeking and acting on their opinions regarding innovation, product quality, chose, store facilities and customer service
- Providing shareholders with progressive
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Another indicator for performance is that they’re having a higher percentage within the range of supermarkets in the area, that their customers are choosing them over their competitors. They want to be recognized successfully by their customers and as a Team Leader, ensuring that every checkout assistant is doing their job correctly and in a way that they are improving the shopping experience of their customers. Lastly, watching how members grow and develop new skills within a department could be another performance indicator.

How do these indicators contribute towards Tesco’s overall objectives?
These indicators contribute to Tesco’s overall objectives because by achieving all of these indicators, they provide the business with the success that keeps them the leading supermarket in the industry.

As well as this, how a team leader monitors the sales of their department contributes greatly to providing shareholders with progressive and promising returns. This is because the sales are helping the staff at the top of the hierarchy deal with the business’s shareholders, ensuring their department managers the figures that they would like to
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If they have not met these then you can have a meeting and ask why. If the employee feels and shows signs that they are struggling in the workplace then it shows that there are areas for improvement and ensure them that there are several methods in which the company can do in order for those objectives to be achieved. This essentially helps with monitoring the employee because the company is able to understand what action needs to be taken from that point. For example, if a sales assistant has shown signs that they have not been making as many sales recently, then it is more likely that they require more retraining in customer service, or sales. This is so they are able to regain their confidence and understand more clearly on how to act in a set situation. Acting on this means the employee has been given the chance and room for improvement as a person and will show signs of development if they carry on this way.

As well as this, you are also able to look at sales records for each employee to notice and compare trends and to also use them in reviews. This is because you are able to provide with feedback with each of these employees, if they are not doing as well as they normally are. Are also able to identify trends within a group of people in a business. For example, if all of them are under performing then you can investigate why and take some form of action

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