Summary: The Importance Of Sleep Deprivation

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How much sleep do you get each night? Most people and teens do not get enough sleep every night. Teens usually complain about sleeping and how they don’t get enough sleep. One statistic is that teens need around 8-10 hours of sleep each night and most of them don’t even get that much. Sleep deprivation can affect a teen’s whole life because it will come back and “haunt” them later in life if they do not establish a good sleep cycle. Sleeping does affect teenagers with stress, learning and their judgement. Teenagers do not get the sleep they need each night. The Sleep Foundation says that teens need 8-10 hours of nightly sleep to perform well but, “The National Sleep Foundation estimates that only about 85 percent of teenagers are sleeping less than 8 ½ hours a night” (Sleep Foundation). More than half of the teenagers …show more content…
In the article, The importance of sleep, they say, “Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to reduced alertness and concentration, poorer academic performance and feelings of sadness and irritability” (The Importance of Sleep). Sleep deprivation can lead to poorer academic performance, and will making you feel a bunch of sadness. Alertness can lead to dangerous situations like driving a car and not stopping in time leading to a car crash. Also in the article, The importance of sleep, they say, “Getting enough sleep is one of the most powerful ways we can protect ourselves against depression” (The Importance of Sleep). Getting that extra hour of sleep will benefit you to “protect” yourself from depression. Depression is one of the things that kids can’t really get around so just sleeping will destroy your depression. Conclusively, getting an extra hour of sleep will prevent depression but sleep deprivation can also reduced alertness and concentration creating accidents and problems later in

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