Personal Narrative Essay The A & P's Story

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People say that kids should be mature by the time they are teens. The A&P story about a grocery store employer, Sammy, a 19-year-old boy who decides to quit his job in protest of how the store manager treated three girls in a swimsuit make you wonder when to expect teens to act mature. One of the consequences that Sammy may face for quitting his job all of a sudden is not being able to get another job due to the reference from the job he just quit and a future employer to believe he will suddenly quit as well. From this point on I expect Sammy to learn from his personal experience with the store manager and begin his journey on the road to maturity. All teens, like Sammy, mature when learning from his own personal experiences.
It takes a
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I complained to my father since I did not know what to do as I always looked up to my mother for everything. I remember it too well; when there was only one of my parents at home, my brother and I were not able to participate in extracurricular activities after school. This first deployment impacted my school years I had to do all the housework while he was out running errands for my brother and I. Most of my friends are not military brats, so they did not understand the fact of me not being able to do a lot of things they did. While they were out having fun after school, most of the time I had to go home and do chores with my brother. Thus, I was not allowed to be myself or quit school, whereas Sammy quit his job to be …show more content…
Similarly, Sammy was freed from the A & P grocery store. But my parents were still insisting in knowing my whereabouts daily just like Sammy’s parents were probably disappointed in him for quitting his job. For sure my parents are stricter than any other parents. When either of my parents were deployed, the other parent will be stricter. I assume my parents are the way they are because of their lives in the military. My parents have survived the frequent deployments, they are very strict and they want to keep me aware of the difficulties I may confront while in college away from home, so they talk to me about studying hard, not quitting college and staying in college to earn an education and find a good job. Certainly, my parents understand the way of life that will drive people to be a successful citizen in this complex society. Sammy has no idea what he will be doing next without A & P, while I know what to do and what to expect because while living with my parents I complained about their ways and since then I started my road to maturity just like Sammy should have started his journey to maturity after quitting his job to be

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