Personal Narrative Essay On Abandonment

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Abandonment, something that could destroy someone or help build and shape them. Growing up seemed pretty normal, until looking back and thinking about everything that has happened in the past as an adult. Childhood consisted of eating cereal and playing Mario on my Nintendo 64. Mom and Dad got hitched, due to my arrival, when they were only seventeen. All seemed well. I saw a lot of fighting and bickering, but was pretty absorbed with playing video games or watching Adult Swim. My dad left a few years later when he found out my mother was pregnant again. the tension that I felt was beginning to subside and drift away. my parents seemed happy and I didn’t know why. Three days before my fourth birthday, my father and I were sitting outside of …show more content…
My mother moved out with a new guy who lived in Independence, Missouri. His name was Mike, and he actually wasn’t that bad. My shyness to men is due to bad experiences in the past and know one seemed to grasp that very well. People always tried telling me I was too young to know what was really going on. Him and my mother ended up getting married soon after. Mike was the only one who would listen and understand anything that I said; he didn’t talk to me like a child, but as more of a caretaker. My brother and I moved in with him and my mother shortly after. I thought it would be pretty similar to living at my grandparents, but that wasn’t the case. I started school that fall and got my first report card a few weeks later. I was shocked with how mad and disappointed he was in me for getting one D. I was grounded until it was up to a B and forced to study and try. He told me the only things that matter in life are someone 's word and their work ethics. He was strict, but I was stubborn. I began to lie and make excuses, but that didn’t get me very far. Lying was one thing that was just in my nature. I didn’t really have someone around who cared about how I was doing in school, especially someone who wasn’t my immediate family. I didn’t want to risk like looking like a fool if I did something stupid and got caught I had no idea what was going on. When my grades came in, my heart sank to my stomach; there was no way out of this one. Trying to come up with an excuse on the spot, before getting the interrogation from my step dad. We sat at the kitchen table and talked, but not much was said in the end. My punishment was sitting at the kitchen table for a month everyday after school until I go to sleep. Really get to know a table, the punishment didn’t really seem that bad, come home and do homework and sit.

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