Ethnomethodology Assignment Analysis

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For my Ethnomethodology assignment I decided to tell my parents that I was going to drop out of college. A few days before I did the assignment, I started telling my parents how hard college was and how bad I was doing in college. For a couple days I continued telling them things like, “college is getting to hard,” “I’m really having trouble doing all my work,” and “my grades are not good”. They were very concerned about this and told me to just keep trying and to do my best because they knew I was smart enough to get through it. So after I keep feeding them that information one day I decided that it was time to tell my parents that I was going to drop out. So I walked into the living room and my dad was watching TV so I walked into the kitchen …show more content…
My parents take my studies very serious and I knew they were not going to be okay with me dropping out. I received a 20,000 dollar scholarship for my college along with many other scholarships, so I knew they were going to be very upset with me for working so hard all throughout high school and then just dropping out, wasting all that money. Right before I did the assignment, I felt over whelmed with worry and fear. I just knew they were about to get super mad at me. After the assignment was over I felt very relieved that it was over and that they knew it was all just a lie and for an assignment. Through doing this assignment, I learned quite a few different things. First off I learned that I still can’t lie for anything. Secondly, I learned that both of my parents would not let me drop out even if I wanted to dropout. I also learned that both of my parents would have been very disappointed in me if I did drop out. Both of my parents told me after it was all over, that they believe in me, and that they know I can finish college and make good grades if I put my mind to it. This project was very fun and it something that both me and my parents will never

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