Essay on Technology Is More Than Human Interactions

793 Words Oct 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Many of us use technology to communicate more than human interactions these days. With all of the new stuff coming out it is almost impossible to not use some type of technology to help people out. It is a great thing that people are using technology more often to communicate because it makes finding people and friends a lot easier than face to face interaction, is a much faster way to communicate with people through text and email, and makes it much easier to find research on items or information. Most people like making a lot of friends and through technology it has made it much simpler to find people with the same hobbies and likes. “I connected your Zing account with the total Circle community, so you just got 10,401 new followers!” (98). As Gina added all of those followers to Mae’s main stream in The Circle it had immediately made it much easier for Mae to find friends that she will like. When people are exposed to more people it gives them a wider option of people to become friends with which will lead to more friends. Facebook was invented as one of these websites to find friends and allow friends to see what others are doing without being there. Over the years it has turned into a multi-billion-dollar company because of the success that has happened since it has been up. I have met a great friend of mine through the internet. As I was looking for a roommate that shared the same hobbies with me months before coming to FGCU, I happened to find him on Facebook during…

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