Technology In Brave New World Essay

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How close is modern America’s government to controlling all, if not most, of our society today? Our current government gradually begins to take over the lives of people like that in Brave New World. Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World depicts a futuristic society that utilizes science to control the lives of mostly everybody by categorizing them into specific castes. The author’s vision of a utopian society in his novel is relatively, but not entirely, close to modern American society. Although Huxley published Brave New World in 1932, his vision of the future society frightens people of the idea that they could be controlled through scientific advances which is quite possible in this time of age. Huxley’s utopian society in Brave New World …show more content…
For example, the cloning process in today’s era produces similar results to Brave New World. Although not quite there to human cloning, scientific researchers have “successfully cloned sea urchins” which is a huge step towards the cloning process of people (Larson). However, current technology does not allow us to successfully clone another person without having any side effects. Not only does current technology hold us back, but ethical reasons as well. Dovey from Medical Daily states that only “one out of 100 cloning attempts ending in a viable animal,” resulting in many deaths just to achieve a single successful outcome (Dovey). Incidentally, people consume antidepressant drugs to make them feel better about themselves temporarily just to block out all of the negative emotions. Similarly, soma and antidepressants both have the same purpose, to remove all non-positive feelings. Equally important, technology nowadays seems to rip away people’s individuality because creativity “is simply there for us” on social media now (Arnold). Social media’s intentions to create an environment that is more accessible for people to communicate with each other all around the world, has a negative effect alongside it. According to Briana Ellison, technology proves to be “responsible for the rapid loss of relationships” (Ellison). In addition, new reporters and the government have the ability to censor

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