Technology : A Review On The Integration, Resources, And Effectiveness Of Technology

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Technology is growing at an exponentially rapid pace in the United States. Inventors come up with new pieces of technology that enhance and advance our everyday lives. These inventions have already replaced timeless items of this decade and from decades before. Soon, these inventions could begin further replacing entities such as newspapers, the post office, and even people’s roles in society. In this paper, I have included information from four different sources that will cover the topic of educational technology. In the article “Educational Technology: A Review of the Integration, Resources, and Effectiveness of Technology in K-12 Classrooms” by A. J. Delgado, L. Wardlow, K. McKnight, and K. O’Malley, the authors discuss how technology is being integrated into classrooms K-12. Information form an online source titled, “Technology in Education: An Overview” by B. Herold, he disserts a general outline of technology being dispersed throughout education. In the article “Can Technology Replace Teachers” by I. Quillen he discusses virtual education and technology replacing teachers. In an exposition provided by Purdue University, “How has Technology Changed Education?”, education has been examined to find ways that technology has changed it. The four of these articles will help to show how effective technology is in the classroom and the effect that advancing technology has on the jobs of teachers. “Educators have used technology to teach since the 1920’s, when film and radios…

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