Team and Small Group Experience Essay

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Team and Small Group Experience
Recalling my early days of being athletically gifted, I was a member of my high school basketball team. The team consisted of ten members. To acknowledge taking part in a group, I will have to recall working in the Army as Flight Operations Specialist. The intent of this essay, I will examine the relationship of communication among the members as taking part in a group or team, and to analyze the collaboration factors of how information is processed between each individual.
Formation of Team and Group “The first phase of development in teams is membership. It is the first phase because until members psychologically join, there is no team but just a collection of individuals who have been grouped
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The role I played as on the basketball team was the center position and rebounder. On the court communication between each member is important more nonverbally than it is verbally. Giving very little verbal input as plays are called out and not giving away the team’s strategy, our body language and body positioning is how each team member communicated as the ball was rotated between members to gain access to an open team member that was cleared to make the shot towards the basketball goal. The status roles for each individual were equal across the board because we relied on each to get the ball into the basket. Yes there were individuals that scored more baskets than others, but it took everyone on the team for that one individual shot to be made. The team norms were that each member was to play to the best of their ability, to respect other team member’s abilities, and communicate both on and off courts as to build peer relationships. As a Flight Ops Specialist, I was grouped with nine other individuals with the same job title and skill. There were sub-tasks that make up what a Flight Ops Specialist does. Each individual being assigned a sub-task performed his or her duties to standard. The group had weekly forums to discuss what was done within a week’s work day and foreshadowed what the missions were for the upcoming weeks. This was considered the norm of communication for how things were processed within the office. The

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